Vorgee swimming googles


Vorgee Stealth

The design goal of VORGEE glasses is to make you feel like you’re not wearing them. Thus, you can fully immerse yourself in swimming without distractions. They are ultra-light and have very low drag in the water. Their extended frame and 3D lens retention design, designed to reduce pressure around the eyes, make VORGEE goggles ideal for training and competition.


Curved lenses with mirror coating for 140-degree magnification

For open water and indoor pools

Premium silicone and double elastic pads with quick adjustment

Fog-resistant for clear vision

4 nose bridge sizes

Fog protection

100% polarization

UV for eye protection outdoors

glass breaking resistance

FINA approved No. 808104

Ideal for those who like to wear low profile swimming goggles that fit snugly around their face