Mako triathlon wetsuit Ultimate Torrent


Wetsuit Ultimate Torrent 

The Ultimate Torrent is, as the name suggests, a suit that showcases our 15 years of experience of making some of the best wetsuits in the world.

Premium materials, unparalleled freedom of shoulder movement and extreme buoyancy… Simply the fastest!

The wetsuit is made from Yamamoto #44 neoprene, which is the most flexible at the moment. This allows you to maintain maximum freedom of movement and even distribution of buoyancy throughout the body. Thus, all the initial sensations remain, as if you are swimming without a wetsuit, only faster ?


?The entire wetsuit is lined on the inside with a Lycra material that fits snugly to the body and speeds up removal

?Safety Tapes in the areas of greatest tension on the arms and legs – help to extend the life of the suit

The low neckline reduces the chance of chafing when turning the head and the feeling of choking. Neprene thickness 1.5mm Yamamoto ##44 SCS

? Shoulders: Yamamoto’s most flexible 1.5mm neoprene ##44 SCS NANO reduces muscle fatigue to a minimum

?Forearm: 2mm WATER WING Intelligent Skin – a special technology for better control of movements and the “feel” of water

?Tassels: Specially cut to limit water penetration and provide super-fast sleeve removal in the transition area

?The torso and hips have 5mm Yamamoto #39 neoprene inserts with SCS coating, which gives excellent glide in the water and additional buoyancy

?Knees, calves and torso: 3mm Yamamoto #39 SCS Nano

?Zipper: invisible and reversible (closes from top to bottom). Due to this, less water gets inside and the possibility of “accidental” unfastening during the swim is excluded.