Mako swimsuit Aumakua


Woman’s swimsuit Aumakua BOOM

You don’t have to have a perfect body to look great in an Aumakua 

The out is sporty yet ferninine, offering comfort and performance for all your sessions. The large open back and cut acrost the hips of the suit give it the feeling of being almeet a bikini. The sir straps allow an amazing liberty of movement whilst mairtaring great support 


 ? Maximum open back and hips

 ? Comfortable fit

 ? The design of the pattern emphasizes the figure

 ? Wear-resistant Endurotek fabric that is not afraid of chlorine or salt water, does not fade, and does not stretch ?

 ? Thin straps cross for freedom of movement and help the swimsuit fit comfortably around the body

 ? Vibrant pattern design

 ? Really long-lived ?