Mako triathlon wetsuit Nami 2.1


Wetsuit Nami 2.1 and Naiad 2.1

Our Nami 2.1 (man) and Naiad 2.1 (woman) wetsuits have a number of technical advantages and improvements proven over the past few years on our top models. The interior is fully lined with lycra for added comfort. The suits feature our Power Stretch panel on the chest for unparalleled freedom of movement. The outer neoprene suit is 100% Yamamoto #39, making it lighter (and therefore more buoyant) and more flexible than other wetsuits in this price range.

The aim of these models is to offer the best value for money with incredible performance.


– Low neckline reduces chafing when turning the head and uncomfortable compression. 1.5mm thick SCS neprene – technology that provides superior freedom of movement

– Shoulders and arms – 1.5mm thick, Yamamoto #39 SCS

– The entire wetsuit is lined with Lycra material on the inside for added comfort and speedy doffing in the transit area

– Chest and hips are 5mm thick Yamamoto #39 for extra buoyancy, while the outer SmoothSkin is porous for excellent glide in the water. Additional 2mm superstretch Yamamoto #39 SmootSkin on the chest.

– Back and calves – Yamamoto #39 3mm SmoothSkin. High calf cut for super-fast transits

– The zip closes from bottom to top to facilitate single closure and is equipped with an additional neoprene insert against water intrusion