Mako triathlon wetsuit Genesis 2.1


Triathlon wetsuit Genesis 2.1

The Genesis 2.1 is the third generation of entry-level wetsuits that have been designed with every detail in mind for better buoyancy, freedom of movement and thermal regulation.

Ideal for choosing your first triathlon or open water wetsuit. Optimal price-quality ratio ??

Features ?

? The entire wetsuit is lined on the inside with a Lycra material that fits snugly to the body and speeds up removal

? The low neckline reduces the chance of chafing when turning the head and the feeling of choking. Neprene thickness 1.5mm

? Chest and hips are 4.5mm thick for extra buoyancy, while the outer SmoothSkin is porous for excellent glide in the water

? Shoulders and arms – here 1.5mm thick, Yamamoto No. 39 SmoothSkin compound – provides good freedom of movement

? Back and Calves – Yamamoto #38

? “Invisible” zipper on the back, which fastens from the bottom up with an additional neoprene protective insert inside

? Cut at the wrists and calves is high – for faster removal of the suit in the transition zone